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Happy 56th Birthday, Singapore!

06 August

Bibinogs Preschool K.A. had exciting plans for our combined National Day/Family Day celebrations on 6th August, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation. However, our teachers here organised an in-house National Day celebration for the children, and everyone had a blast celebrating Singapore’s 56th birthday together! Our children were going home saying, “Today was so fun!”

After starting the day with our morning assembly, we had a song-and-dance session with our favourite National Day songs – the top hit being this year’s  NDP 2021 Theme Song, titled “The Road Ahead”, written and composed by Linying and Evan Low. We had learnt the dance moves and have been enjoying dancing to it the last few weeks! Then, we talked about the origins of Singapore’s National Day and watched a short clip of National Day Parade highlights before moving on to our celebratory activities!

Piñata fun! We took turns hitting the piñatas, and collected all the candy that fell out. Piñatas are not traditionally Singaporean, but they are definitely one of the most fun ways to celebrate!

Our national day crafts included making strawberry yoghurt ice popsicles, and our very own state flag flypast!


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