Our Testimonials

Putting Theo in BibiNogs is no doubt, in my mind, one of the best decisions I’ve made. I love how the school has created and nurtured in him a passion for learning and how he simply enjoys school and the activities. I am definitely looking forward to the next school activity where parents can participate!
Aiwei, Theo’s mum
Nursery, BibiNogs @ King’s Arcade
 We are very happy with the school and Seraphina enjoys it very much too. I think she likes the art and craft section the most. We definitely keeping our options open for other suitable classes and pre-school programmes at BibiNogs in the future. All the BibiNogs teacher have done a great job and we are thankful for all the care and love that her teachers have given her.
Yin Fun, Sera’s mum
Mandarin Tots, BibiNogs @ Serene Centre
 We have both been really heartened and impressed how you and all the teachers have dealt with all the ups and downs of starting pre-school and toddlerhood and continued to maintain open lines of communication with us.
Lizzie Champion, Freddie’s mum
Pre-Nursey, BibiNogs @ King’s Arcade
 May I take this opportunity to commend BibiNogs for an excellent Mandarin & Tots programme. The teachers are expressive and engaging and the activities well thought through. In fact, I have recommended Mandarin & Tots to my colleagues who have kids of similar age. Thanks very much!
Chuin Ting, Noah’s mum
Mandarin Tots, BibiNogs @ Serene Centre
 Please help us to extend our thanks and appreciation to their respective teachers. They have helped our kids greatly improve their command of Mandarin in a short period of less than 2 terms.
Issac Leong, Josiah and Kezaih’s dad
Mandarin & Me, BibiNogs @Serene Centre
 Samuel has enjoyed his chinese lessons with BibiNogs nd has started to rattle off in Mandarin at home. Thank you!
Shiyang, Samuel’s dad
Mandarin Tots, BibiNogs @ Serene Centre
 Tyler had been enjoying himself tremendously for the past few weeks. He had learnt much of the chinese language during this time and speaks to us at home sometimes. Thank you for the valuable lessons and memories that everyone in BibiNogs has given to Tyler.
Stephen and Cheryl Patterson, Tyler’s parents
Mandarin Pre-Nursery, BibiNogs@ Serene Centre
Thank you once again to all the teachers at BibiNogs or giving Sheraz a great school/learning experience!!
Nor, Sheraz’s mum
Power Tots, BibiNogs @Serene Centre
 Over the past few months we can see that Lizanne has thoroughly enjoyed herself and we thank all the teachers for their hard work and for creating such a lovely and fun environment.
Joanne Loo, Lizanne’s mum
Bubbly Babes, BibiNogs @ Serene Centre
 Thank you for the wonderful Mandarin lessons. Jody has had a great time at BibiNogs and made good friends there. She is slowly picking up Mandarin and loves the language! Keep up the good work!
Hui Li, Jody’s mum
Mandarin Pluckers, BibiNogs @ Serene Centre
 Edward is enjoying class so much now I must say. I really hope you have the same team of dedicated teachers when my third one is ready for play school.
Grace, Edward’s mum
Pre-Nursery, BibiNogs @ Serene Centre
 Thank you for your kind, supportive, encouraging and fun teachers and curriculum. We wish BibiNogs wealth, prosperity and fun and happiness to this great school in the upcoming 2012!
Kelly Soo, Jun Jie’s mum
Power Tots, BibiNogs @ Serene Centre