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24 September

Mid-Autumn Festival has come to an end, but the moon is still full and bright for a few more days so don’t forget to catch it while it lasts!

We started our festivities with an introduction to Mid-Autumn Festival, and the significance of the common items we see during mid-autumn. Then, our teachers performed a skit for us about the story of Hou Yi and Chang’E. We even tried our hand at archery, and helped Hou Yi shoot down the 9 suns! Of course, we couldn’t go home without mooncakes – made fresh by hand. We used steamed sweet potatoes and oat flour to make our very own healthy mooncakes!

Wu Laoshi introducing us to Mid-Autumn Festival.



Moulding the dough – gloves on!



Striking a pose at our photo spot!

We had a difficult time trying to pick a favourite activity from our celebrations, because everything was so much fun!

P.S. Do you keep your mooncake boxes? As a preschool teacher, those beautiful mooncake boxes are a valuable commodity as they could be transformed into so many different exciting things for the children!