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Our Colourful Deepavali Celebration

12 November

In early November, we had a very colourful and bright Deepavali celebration! The children savoured different traditional Indian snacks, moulded salt dough into lamps, and had a blast learning Indian dance moves! Way to go, children!


Knead and twist. This is how we create a mould of a lamp!


Here’s my masterpiece!


Look at us! We are grooving to a cool Indian dance.


What beautiful traditional costumes these are!




BibiNogs’ Open House (April 2018)

17 April

There was a huge turnout at BibiNogs’ Open House that was held on the 7th and 14th of April 2018. We’d like to thank everyone for joining us!

Parents and children had a blast attending trial classes, participating in multi-domain activities and interacting with pets and peers alike!

We hope to see you at our next Open House!


Signing in at the Open House

Signing in at the Open House


Trial Classes - parents and children get to experience our classes!

Trial Classes – parents and children get to experience our classes first-hand!

Fun classroom activities

Fun classroom activities

Activities that stimulate children's senses

Activities that stimulate children’s senses

Let's create something together with mom!

Let’s create something together with mom!


Children get to know various pets

Children get to interact with different pets

Children get to interact with different pets


Welcome to our beautiful classrooms!

Welcome to our beautiful learning space!

Welcome to our beautiful learning space!


Teachers’ Training: Multi-Domain and Play-Based Learning in Action

17 December

On 1st December, BibiNogs teachers gathered by the beach for an interactive teacher training, professional sharing as well as team-building fun and games. The session showed what hands-on and play-based learning can look like, and demonstrated how meaningful (and fun) learning can be when activities are multi-domain and multi-sensory!

The day ended with a BBQ-by-the-beach. Teachers’ minds and stomachs were filled, and they are ready to make a wave in the new year!

Check out the video of the event below:



Graduation and Year-End Celebration at BibiNogs Preschool at King’s Arcade

10 December

It was our preschool’s Year-End Celebration and Graduation Ceremony on 17th November. Our K2 students were lauded for their outstanding year at our school – congratulations K2s! Students across all levels charmed the audience by putting up beautiful (and adorable) dances and songs, in both English and Chinese languages. It was a heartwarming and happy day for BibiNogs’ students and families, and a great way to celebrate the closing of a wonderful year!

We wish our K2 students all the best in their future endeavours! Way to go K2s!

Check out the event’s video below:





‘Go Green’ Art Exhibition Cum Parent Workshop

02 November

An interactive Art Exhibition was held on 13 October 2017 and the event was a culmination of our Go Green Challenge curriculum initiative. The interactive exhibition was a blast for children and parents alike!

There was also a Parent Workshop at the event. The workshop, titled “Future-Building vs Future-Proofing”, was conducted by our Director, Ms Joyce Lim and Mr Saravanan, the Director of our enrichment partner, Neuroceramics By Da Vinci Group. The Parent Workshop was a huge success!

Overall, the parents and children enjoyed a quality bonding time while they played their parts in saving Mother Earth!


Children contributing in their own ways to the interactive art wall

Children contributed in their own ways to the interactive art wall.



There are many ways for creating art!

There are many ways to create art!


Parents and children bonded together over fun art projects

Parents and children made art together.


We create art by reducing, reusing, recycling

Art can be created by reducing, reusing and recycling..


Children presented and shared their knowledge with their parents

Children presented and shared their knowledge with their parents.


Look at the proud and happy parents!

Look at the proud and happy parents!


It was a fun day for the parents

It was a fun day for the parents indeed.


Our Director, Ms Joyce Lim, engaged parents in a wonderful parent workshop

Our Director, Ms Joyce Lim, engaged parents in a wonderful Parent Workshop.


The Parent Workshop was co-conducted by Mr Saravanan, Director of Da Vinci Group.,

The Parent Workshop was co-conducted by Mr Saravanan, the Director of Da Vinci Group.


The Parent Workshop was an interactive and hands-on one

The Parent Workshop was an interactive and hands-on one.


It was a fruitful day for the parents

Thank you, parents, for making the workshop a constructive and engaging one!


Smile on, children and parents!

The parents and children of BibiNogs have much to smile about 🙂




Deepavali Fun at BibiNogs. Namaste!

20 October

At BibiNogs, children experience cultural festivals and celebrations in full force, and learn about different cultures and traditions in fun and engaging ways!

Deepavali was a colourful and fun-filled day for all. The children moved and grooved to the beat of Indian music as well as tasted some of the popular Indian delicacies.


We moved and grooved to traditional Indian songs to celebrate the festival of lights!

We learned traditional Indian dance moves and grooved to traditional songs to celebrate the festival of lights!


The teacher showcases and describes different types of traditional Indian costumes

The teacher showcased the different

The teacher showcased and described the different types and styles of traditional Indian costumes


Happy kids coming together to celebrate the festival together

Happy kids came together to celebrate the festival!


Muruku, an Indian snack, is so yummy

Muruku, an Indian snack, was so yummy


Namaste! Happy Deepavali to all!

Namaste! Happy Deepavali to all!

Potty Training – Insights by BibiNogs Director Joyce Lim

11 August


My very own experience…

Being in the Early Childhood Industry for about 2 decades and being a mother of 3 has allowed me to gather enough insights on the above mentioned subject matter. It is interesting to note that for my 3 children, my youngest was toilet trained earlier than my middle child, my middle child was trained earlier than my oldest girl.

Let me recount my experience with my oldest girl. As an Early Childhood educator, I talked a lot to all my children when they were young, especially my first one, the thrill of being a mother for the first time was firing away then. I remembered when she was a month old, she did not poo for 2 days, and that got me worried. She was laying on my bed and I asked her, “Mummy is kind of worried that you have not pooed for 2 days. Are you ok? Would you like to poo in the toilet?” It was random, and I thought she kind of responded.   I took off her diaper and brought her into the toilet. Guess what? She pooed. I was shocked and she was happy. That was the end of story for soiled diapers. When she was 6 months old, we were out and on the way home in our car, she wanted to poo. I told her she could either do it on her diaper or wait for us to get home.   She waited and went home to do it. I was totally impressed then.

As for my middle child, we were residing in Beijing then. My mum came over to help me with my confinement. She is a firm believer that children do not like to soil their bottoms and could be trained from day one. So she did train my son. Within a short span of 2 weeks, he would only poo in his potty.   Staying in Beijing with a wonderful Beijing Ayi (helper) who believes in early potty training helps. She would diligently bring him to pee at intervals. By his first birthday, I told my son, “Let’s do without a diaper from tomorrow onwards.” Then I meant to do without diapers in the day and not night. To our amazement, his diapers were also dry at night. He took the message literally. What a delightful misunderstanding!

My youngest was born in Singapore with my mum staying next door.   She came over to tell my confinement lady exactly what to do. Our confinement lady could not believe what she heard at first but tried anyway.   Within days, she was able to signal us that she would like to poo and would hold till we bring her to the potty.   It was such a breeze. I must say my youngest was the easiest. From day one, she was dry at night usually.   Before she turned one, we just gave her a week notice and took off her diapers. By two, she was totally diaper-free, even when we were out and about.


My classroom experience…

I have personally helped and also coached parents to potty train their children. My observation is that it is easier to train children before they turn two.   The first stage of life, before 18 months, according to Erik Erikson, children are building trust. If they do have great bond with their primary caregiver, they build a good foundation of trust. Between 18 months to 3 years old, they are gaining autonomy. If they are unable to do that well, shame will develop.

With Erikson’s theory in mind, children who have trusting relationships with their primary caregiver will feel safe to take their lead to toilet train. When they move on to the next stage, it could be easier or tougher. Our children may want to feel they are in control by using the potty. Or they may fight you as they want to be in control.   It is important to talk to your children when you are training them. We do not want them to end up feeling shameful about not being able to go to the toilet in time.


When you want to toilet train you child, you could do the following:

  • Talk to your child in advance

-> Mummy/Daddy is going to take away your diapers in xx time.

->  Please let us know when you would like to pee/poo.

  • Bring them to the toilet during intervals.
  • Do not make a big fuss out of accidents. Remember it happens and it is okay.
  • Do not give rewards. You could compliment them by saying

->  Thank you for letting me know you would like to go to the toilet.

->  It is a nice feeling to keep your bumps clean and dry.

  • Reinforce the good feeling verbally. We do not want our children to be looking out for rewards all the time.
  • Understand that your child is keen to please you at this age, thus he/she may display anxiety if you get too nervous about toilet training.
  • RELAX, they will get it.

With all the stories told and suggestions given, do enjoy going through every milestone with your little one. Every memory has a chance to become a great one if you let it be.


There’s no BEST programme but only the most SUITABLE one – Joyce Lim



BibiNogs’ Open House on 19 August 2017

09 July

We will be having our Open House on 19 August 2017. Come join us for a morning or afternoon full of fun, adventure and discovery! Take part in free trial classes and learn more about BibiNogs’ programmes, teachers and philosophy/values!

Our Kids Academy’s (Serene Centre) Open House will run from 9.30am to 12pm at Serene Centre, while our Kindergarten’s (King’s Arcade) Open House will run from 12.30pm to 3pm at King’s Arcade. Refer to the following flyers for details.

We hope to see you soon!


Serene Centre Poster

Open House for BibiNogs Kids Academy at Serene Centre.

Registration required. Email us at to RSVP your attendance!


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 11.54.19 am

Open House for BibiNogs Preschool at King’s Arcade.

Registration required. Email us at to RSVP your attendance!





Thank You for Making Our 2017 Mothers’ Day Event a Big Bash!

20 May

Thank you, mommies and families who turned up at our 2017 Mothers’ Day event on 13th May! We are glad that our mommies had fun glamping (and getting spoilt) and everyone was engaged in exciting activities like breakfast picnic, ice-breaker games, body-brain kinesiology exercises, golfing, and clay & craft experiences.

What a memorable Mothers’ Day it was! Happy Mothers’ Day to all mommies out there!


Ready for glamping?

Ready for glamping?


Family 'glamping' and spoiling the mommies

“Love You A Latte” breakfast ‘glamping’ and picnic



Clay experience with mommies – courtesy of Da Vinci Group


Golfing with mommies and daddies

Golfing with mommies and daddies (and grandpas!) – courtesy of Totts Golf


Golfing and shooting fun for the kids

Hole-in-one anyone?



Tots, mommies and daddies having a ball of a time!


Happy BibiNogs Families!! What a memorable Mothers' Day!!

Happy BibiNogs Families!! What a memorable Mothers’ Day it was!!