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Kid’s Yoga 儿童瑜伽

07 September

In our Kids Yoga, kid is fill with curiosity, willing to explore and experience! Through exercise, games, imitation of different small animals to demonstrate the yoga postures creatively. Join our Kid’s Yoga class on Saturday 9am-10.00am.

Here are 6 fun facts about early childhood we love!

21 February

1. You can accelerate your child’s language development

One-sided conversations with babies aren’t as one-sided as you think! Getting your response rate to your baby’s coos above 80% can accelerate their language development. So keep talking to your children – the more words they hear, the sooner they will start to respond!


2. Walls have ears? So does your child!

At 1.5 years, your child is learning an average of 9 words a day! Pay attention to not only what you say around your children, but also how you say things. They are not only listening to your words, but also the tone of your voice when using those words. Keep the profanities away or better yet – get rid of them altogether!


3. Your relationships teach your child how to behave

Your children are always watching and learning from you, including how you react towards people and situations. Setting examples of healthy behaviour and emotional connections allow children to model that behaviour and build healthy relationships of their own.


4. Children are naturally curious

Children may ask more than 70 questions in a day! That is a lot and can be exhausting, but make the effort to reinforce their desire to learn. Encourage them to ask questions, and don’t be afraid of not having all the answers – go through the process of finding out about things together!


5. Your child is a learning sponge

Growth mindset starts young! Failure is part and parcel of life, and our response to failure determines our next step. What we can do is to help our children build resilience to failure. Nurture your child to keep trying when they fail at something, as this provides them with more opportunities towards success. They already possess the ability to learn, they only need the resilience to try again!


6. Children learn from other children

Yes, that’s right! Your child is not only learning from the adults at home or the teachers in school, they are also learning from their peers. Socialisation with peers from a young age give children the opportunity to learn how to interact, build communication skills, and decipher how “playing with other children” works. So go ahead and schedule those play dates!

Thank you 2021, and welcome 2022!

28 December

2021 has been an exciting year for us here at Bibinogs Preschool K.A. despite covid restrictions. We made the best of the situation while adhering to safe measurement measures, and introduced some new activities and programmes – virtual tours in place of physical excursions, as well as themed holiday programmes – that our children thoroughly enjoyed!

Let us round up 2021 and usher in 2022 with a quick recap of our last two holiday programmes of the year.

Colouring “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” using different mediums!

A little extension activity after going through the books “The Rainbow Fish”, “The Foolish Turtle” and “The Star-faced Crocodile”!

Making our very own rainbow, inspired by “The Rainbow Fish”!

“Aim” “Shoot”… “Slam Dunk”? These are just some of the basketball vocabulary we learnt.

Relay race! Wait… I’m coming to pass you the baton!

Will he make the home run…?

Eyes on the ball… not letting the opponents score another goal!

Medals for everyone! We are all winners because we worked together. Remember… the Olympics is all about fostering peace through sports!

Thank you for all your support through 2021. We hope you’re ready for another exciting year with Bibinogs! School reopens on Monday, 3rd January, and we look forward to welcoming you back then!

Children’s Day Celebrations

10 October

Happy Children’s Day!

This year, our theme for Children’s Day was… SUPERHEROES! Everyone came dressed up in their superhero costumes, ready to party! Our teachers prepared a spread of superhero-themed carnival games that we played in our individual classrooms to adhere to safe management measures.

Come on in for our SUPERHERO Children’s Day Carnival!

Strike a pose with our superhero backdrop!

Time to DIY some superhero capes.

Do you have your carnival tickets ready? Time to play some games!


Splash the Villains

Bat Jets

Hulk Smash – a crowd favourite!

Wonder Woman Ring Toss

That’s all, folks! Thanks for a smashing good time!


24 September

Mid-Autumn Festival has come to an end, but the moon is still full and bright for a few more days so don’t forget to catch it while it lasts!

We started our festivities with an introduction to Mid-Autumn Festival, and the significance of the common items we see during mid-autumn. Then, our teachers performed a skit for us about the story of Hou Yi and Chang’E. We even tried our hand at archery, and helped Hou Yi shoot down the 9 suns! Of course, we couldn’t go home without mooncakes – made fresh by hand. We used steamed sweet potatoes and oat flour to make our very own healthy mooncakes!

Wu Laoshi introducing us to Mid-Autumn Festival.



Moulding the dough – gloves on!



Striking a pose at our photo spot!

We had a difficult time trying to pick a favourite activity from our celebrations, because everything was so much fun!

P.S. Do you keep your mooncake boxes? As a preschool teacher, those beautiful mooncake boxes are a valuable commodity as they could be transformed into so many different exciting things for the children!

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre “excursion”!

30 August

Today, we “went” to the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) with Ms Candice and Wu Laoshi via virtual tour to learn about what makes a Chinese Singaporean, through the “Singapo人” exhibit!

The first thing we have to do when going “out”, is to make sure we have everything we need! We knew that the SCCC was indoors and air-conditioned, so we identified the items we would need (and not need) to take along with us with the help of our friends.

These are the things that we had to choose from…

  1. Waterbottle
  2. Insect repellant
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Sweater
  5. Portable fan
  6. Tissue paper
  7. Hand sanitizer
  8. Raincoat
  9. Body soap
  10. Wallet
  11. Pocket game

Can you identify the five items we selected to take with us?

We went along with our teachers to explore the Singapo人 exhibit – it was exciting seeing our teachers on the big screen! They took us through the exhibition, and explained the various segments to us. However, it was not just a video session. We also enjoyed some hands-on extension activities!

We made a little stop when the tour showed us a Chinese tea ceremony guide, and had an immersive Chinese tea ceremony experience of our own. First, we watched a tea demonstration, then we made our very own tea. We then offered some of our freshly brewed tea to our teachers. Don’t forget to use two hands, and tap on the table gently with two fingers to say “thanks”!

At some “stops” along the tour, we got to taste and feel the items we were learning about – such as the longevity bun and the Chinese idiom ‘铁棒磨成针真’.

We had so much fun on this interactive virtual tour to the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, and we can’t wait to be able to go on physical excursions again!

Children love being outdoors, and for good reason!

20 August

Children love being outdoors, and for good reason!

There are many studies that demonstrate how beneficial outdoor play is for children – and we think for adults too!  A simple google search will produce articles and lists of reasons, but we would just like to share some of our favourites with you.

  1. Sensory Skills
    • Digital devices help to develop our children’s sense of hearing and sight, but what about their other senses? The great outdoors allow our children to not only develop their sense of hearing and sight, but also their sense of smell, touch, and even sometimes taste! Using all senses when exploring outside increases our ability to process and respond to a variety of sensory stimuli as we learn and grow.
  2. Appreciation of Nature
    • We talk about the importance of being eco-friendly, and encourage our children to reduce, reuse, and recycle to save the earth. However, if our children never explore the great outdoors and experience its beauty for themselves, they might not really understand why we need to save the earth.
  3. New Words and Concepts
    • Children have more opportunities to observe and perform a variety of skills when they are outdoors. These include exercising creativity to problem-solve and construct play scenarios, as well as learning and practicing more complex movements and life skills. This allows us to introduce new words and concepts while our children experience them, allowing them to retain the information better.
  4. Encourage Risk-taking
    • Risk-taking might seem like a gamble, especially with our children in the equation. However, risks are inevitable in life and what better way to train our children to handle these risks by encouraging them to do so in a safe environment! Allowing our children to take risks allows them to develop bravery and become more confident. Examples of risk-taking can be something as simple as asking for permission to share equipment or facilities. When children are encouraged to take safe risks, they also develop independence.

We have been having a bout of rainy weather the past few weeks, but we are always keeping an eye out for good weather to head out for a bit of sun! What about you?