A Pure Mandarin program that is a step-up from the Dragon program, this class works on listening, speaking, reading and writing aspects of the Chinese language through hands-on activities, activities that engage the body, senses and mind, and a curriculum focused on whole-child development.

  • Pure Mandarin immersion
  • 3-hour program
  • Emphasize on listening, speaking, writing and character recognition/reading skills through a variety of hands-on Chinese language and cultural activities
  • Curriculum content/goals covers all learning domains (in Mandarin): cognitive awareness, numeracy, language and literacy, fine and gross motor development, social-emotional development, and creative and aesthetics expression.
  • Curriculum is theme-based and close to children’s lives, making learning a new language meaningful and easy for children.
  • Engaging language activities include Chinese nursery rhymes, story telling, poems (classic and contemporary), dramatisations, songs, music and movement and language games
  • Creative activities like art & craft, object exploration, group projects and learning through body/senses
  • Body-Brain Kinesiology activities to stimulate physical and cognitive development
  • Physical activities include gross motor activities (at gym) and fine-motor/pre-writing activities to promote overall physical development of child
  • Learning of Mandarin Phonics (Hanyu Pinyin 汉语拼音)
  • Learning of Chinese characters and practicing characters strokes writing and developing proper phrasing and sentencing skills
  • No prior knowledge of Mandarin required
  • No parental involvement and socks are required
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Class size (max 16 students with 2 teachers)
  • Option to enroll for 3, 4, 5 days per week.