While focusing on building a solid foundation in Chinese language, such as working on writing of Chinese characters, recognition of common characters, listening and oral expression (including Hanyu Pinyin), this class does not fail to make learning meaningful and engaging to preschoolers.

  • Curriculum is a balance between building Chinese language skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading) as well as developing children’s interest and confidence in using the Chinese language in a day-to-day context.
  • Theme-based learning activities where themes are relevant and close to preschoolers’ lives, making learning more meaningful and deep.
  • Active participation by physical expression using Chinese music and dance, immersion in the Chinese culture and fun language activities like Chinese nursery rhymes/poems, story-telling, dramatization and songs.
  • Hands-on activities like art & craft, object exploration, group projects and learning through movement
  • Learning of Mandarin Phonics (Hanyu Pinyin 汉语拼音)
  • Learning of Chinese characters and practicing characters strokes writing
  • Developing proper phrasing and sentencing
  • Learn to speak and express in Chinese confidently through Chinese Speech & Drama techniques
  • Body-Brain Kinesiology activities to stimulate physical and cognitive development
  • No prior knowledge of Mandarin is required
  • No parental involvement and socks are required
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Small class size
  • Option to enroll for 1, 2 days per week.