This class continues to build older preschoolers’ Chinese language skills in the area of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Pronounciation techniques through Hanyu Pinyin skills, story-based comprehension, learning of Chinese idioms and writing of characters are all a part of this stimulating class.

  • Curriculum is a balance between building Chinese language skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading) as well as developing children’s interest and confidence in using the Chinese language in a day-to-day context.
  • Theme-based learning activities where themes are relevant and close to preschoolers’ lives, making learning more meaningful and deep.
  • Active participation in language activities like show and tell, story-telling, dramatization, songs, Chinese folk songs and folk tales, Chinese idioms (成语)and poetry (唐诗)
  • Hands-on activities like art & craft, object exploration, group projects and learning through movement
  • Learning of Mandarin Phonics (Hanyu Pinyin 汉语拼音)
  • Recognition of Pinyin characters, in addition to Chinese characters
  • Learn to read using Hanyu Pinyin, spell or write with Hanyu Pinyin, and write characters through dictation.
  • Chinese Speech & Drama techniques, learn Mandarin in a lively, active and ‘dramatic’ way.
  • Learn accurate pronunciation and proper articulation of Chinese words, and how to communicate clearly and purposefully. Public speaking, presentation and oral expression skills.
  • Developing proper phrasing and sentencing
  • Learning of Chinese characters and practicing characters strokes writing
  • Body-Brain Kinesiology activities to stimulate physical and cognitive development
  • No prior knowledge of Mandarin is required
  • No parental involvement and socks are required
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Small class size
  • Option to enroll for 1, 2 days per week. No prior knowledge of Mandarin is required