Vision & Values



To be the leading specialist Bilingual and Chinese language preschool.


We aim to groom children to be confident and expressive, kind and considerate, and appreciative of global cultures in an immersive and holistic language environment.

Our Philosophy and Values


• All children are unique and have potential
We embrace children’s uniqueness and nurture them to reach their full potential.

• Children of BibiNogs are confident and expressive, kind and considerate
We groom children to express themselves confidently and be kind and considerate towards others.

•  Multi-domain and high quality curriculum
Our proprietary BibiNogs BE curriculum covers a child’s overall development, is contextual and helps children make sense of the world around them.

• Dedicated, passionate and high quality teachers
Our teachers are thoughtfully selected, caring and passionate about working with children, and well-trained.

Appreciative of diversity
We respect individuality and diversity in our children, families and teachers/staff, and value what each unique individual brings to the school.

Cosy learning environment
We keep our student-teacher ratios low and provide a cosy learning environment to make learning conducive and personalized.