Friends of BibiNogs


LITTLE DJOE AND MAMA MAYA: AN ART ADVENTURE (LDMM) is an Art Enrichment Provider founded in August 2010. The two founders, Djoe and Maya both hold Diplomas In Fine Arts (Painting) from Lasalle SIA College of The Arts.  They teach their proprietary kids’ art curriculum at various kindergartens and childcares and BibiNogs has been fortunate to have them teaching our children since 2013.  

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Staccato! has been benefiting BibiNogs children with their music curriculum since 2013.  The Staccato! methodology adopts the music education philosophies of renowned music educators and is built on a well-researched premise that classical music brings overwhelming benefits for young children.  Each semester of the early childhood music and movement classes is designed to develop the motor skills, aural and pitching abilities of children aged 6 months to 5 years old.  Dr Lee Pei Ming, founder of Staccato!  is currently teaching at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS.

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JPM introduced JEI Math to BibiNogs in 2014,  JEI Math is internationally acclaimed to promote self-learning and to develop confidence in children with an individually paced, step-by-step approach focusing on students’ weaknesses with a proprietary diagnostic system accurately pinpointing learning gaps of children.  Once children gain confidence and begin to enjoy learning independently, the potential grows exponentially.  JEI Math is part of BibiNogs’ kindergarten extended program; it has been well-received and is one of the most popular with the children.  Find out more about the Diagnostic Test for your child.

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ThinkersBox looks to provide every child with the right skills to succeed beyond the classroom!  As our world continues to evolve, our kids will face new challenges. Textbook knowledge and grades will not be sufficient in a fast-changing and unpredictable environment.  BibiNogs is pleased to have ThinkersBox at our Kings Arcade location assisting parents in providing their children the capabilities to process, analyse, reason, judge and apply knowledge.  All BibiNogs children can benefit from being ‘taught to think’ and enjoy a special 10% discount.

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Treetop Therapy Centre
aims to contribute towards a positive perception of children with additional  needs and the services they access.  Their Speech and Language Therapists provide a team around the child by nurturing ongoing involvement from parents or carers, and creating strong links with all the educational and health professionals who may be involved.  Treetop started collaborating with BibiNogs in 2013, providing not only staff training but also language development tips for our families.

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Dynamics is the leading multi-disciplinary therapy center for children in South-East Asia, providing parents and children a holistic and effective intervention for any challenges that they may face.  BibiNogs values its partnership with Dynamics. By providing training to our teachers, and sharing of knowledge/resources across centres, BibiNogs and Dynamics are able to provide better and more holistic support to our families and children.

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Total Communication is a team of speech language pathologists, occupational therapists and educational therapists who are dedicated in helping young children and adolescents with various learning deficiencies. BibiNogs values its partnership with Total Communication. By providing training to our teachers and sharing of knowledge/resources across centres BibiNogs and Total Communication are able to provide better and more holistic support to our families and children.

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GEMS World Academy (Singapore), GWAS, is an international school in Singapore, and part of GEMS Education. BibiNogs and GEMS are partners and allies as we share the same beliefs and values – that every child can reach his/her full potential given the right support, that education should be holistic and balanced, that diversity is a strength. As partners and allies, we encourage and facilitate exchanges between our students and parents/communities, use each others’ facilities to hold events etc.

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Just Parenting Association was appointed by the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF) to operate the third crisis shelter. WAHAH is a local organization that provides shelter for displaced families. They aim to assist the family in working towards a stable family life and a more conducive environment for their children. BibiNogs supports WAHAH in their efforts to transition families into more stable situations. BibiNogs has collaborated with WAHAH by providing use of its facilities, staff volunteers and public awareness through event organization.

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